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Peritus Detailing- Offering a wide range of affordable mobile detailing services

We have all aspects of the mobile detailing trade covered!


    The Basic package offers all the essentials you need to kick start your vehicle’s transformation. This involves a full wash, including wheels, door shuts and hinges, and a full interior clean.

    • 1. Pre wash
    • 2. Exterior and wheel shampooed
    • 3. Door shuts and hinges cleaned
    • 4. Full interior clean
    • 5. Interior and exterior windows cleaned

    From £40


    The Maintenance package gives you everything the Basic offers with the added benefits of a hydrophobic sealant and a wax to ensure extra protection and shine for your vehicle.

    • 1. Basic package +
    • 2. Hydrophobic sealant
    • 3. Spray wax

    From £100


    The Protection package gives your vehicle added resilience against the elements by decontaminating the paint and using a hard wax for added durability whilst incorporating all the steps of the Maintenance package. Additionally clean your seats and carpets, with a conditioner used on any Leather seats.

    • 1.Maintenance package +
    • 2. Paint decontamination
    • 3. Plastic trims treated
    • 4. Hard wax
    • 5. Seats and carpets cleaned

    From £180


    The Enhancement is our most advanced package, offering the Protection package plus an engine bay detail, with a wax and machine polish to remove light scratches and swirls to ensure your vehicle is looking it’s best.

    • 1.Protection package +
    • 2. Engine bay detail
    • 3. Single stage machine polish
    • 4.12 months Soft 99 fusso wax

    From £250


    • 1. Interior Wet Vacuumed - From £60
    • 2. Ceramic Coating* - From £140
    • 3. Engine Bay Detail - From £50
    • 4. Two Stage Machine Polish**
    • 5. Three Stage Machine Polish**

    * Two-stage machine polish recommended first

    ** Access to overnight car storage needed

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